It is time for the NYC Council to fulfill the promise of the lawsuit brought on by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity against New York State some 20 years ago.  Raising the quality of education in the district will only be accomplished by changing the funding formula used by the City to allocate funds appropriate to schools in greater need of resources.  Further, when elected to the NYC council I will increase the amount of funding allocated to in school arts, music, and athletic programs.  The city has significantly cutback the funding available in schools to provide students with this valuable enrichment instruction.  The more broadly we engage our students in non-academic content, the more confidence students will develop and the greater academic gains they will achieve.  We also have to push to rid every school of lead and improve the quality of food served in our schools. The Council must being to take a serious look at which contracts are awarded to provide food to our children, and make changes where needed.