Public Safety

Public Safety is not only about low crime rates, but also is about insuring that Black and Brown residents feel equally as safe in the presence and while interacting with police officers.  I am not calling for defunding the NYC Police Department, however I’m proposing that we use a portion of the existing budget allocations to expand the length of time police offers spend in the academy.  This way we insure they are trained appropriately, we restructure the community policing model so that police officers are introduced to a community’s institutions, leaders, and residents in a manner that increases communication and dialogue. And lastly, given that NYPD follows a strict chain of command, we need to hold rank and file officers responsible for the actions of individuals they supervise – i.e, the ownness will be on precinct commanders and captains to firmly implement the city’s policies.  Much in the same way the Bloomberg administration required ACS site supervisor to assuming greater liability for supervision of staff.